CUET UG Topper 2023: Irijaya Dash Proven Tips for Securing Admission in Her Dream College

  •  Content Writer : Prabhjot Kaur
  • 24-07-2023

In the realm of academic excellence, there are those who not only meet expectations but surpass them, leaving an indelible mark on their educational journey. Irijaya Dash, one of the CUET UG toppers 2023 , falls into this distinguished category. With an outstanding CUET-UG 2023 Result , scoring 767 marks out of 800, Irijaya's brilliance shines through her academic achievements. Fueled by her passion for Sociology and Political Science, she aspires to secure a seat in one of the esteemed colleges of Delhi University, her dedication and preparation strategy have become a beacon of inspiration for future CUET aspirants.

In this blog, we delve into Irijaya's exceptional journey, gaining valuable insights into her CUET-UG 2023 preparation strategy, exam experience, and her aspirations for higher studies. 

So, let's begin!

Irijaya's Exam Experience:

Opting for English, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Political Science, Sociology along with the General Test,  Irijaya's journey to success was not without its challenges. While her initial expectations were higher based on the released answer key and calculated raw score, she remained grateful for achieving an impressive score. Supported by her parents and teachers, she embraced the importance of persistence and dedication.

On exam day, Irijaya adopted a strategic approach, attempting questions she knew well while exercising caution to avoid negative markings. The domain papers in Political Science and Sociology proved to be relatively easier for her, showcasing her strength in these subjects. Maybe that’s how she acquired 100%tile in the former and 99%tile in the latter. However, the General Test and English papers posed slightly tougher challenges, putting her problem-solving skills to the test. But, still she managed to score 93%tile in English whereas the General Test gave her 99.

Through her experience, Irijaya underscores the significance of maintaining a positive outlook, even in the face of initial disappointment. Her commitment to continuous improvement and self-belief played a pivotal role in her success. As an aspiring CUET candidate, her exam experience provides valuable insights into approaching the test with confidence and composure.

A Little About Irijaya Dash's Family, Educational Background, and Support System:

Irijaya Dash comes from a family with illustrious academic backgrounds where her parents hold esteemed positions as senior OAS officers, demonstrating their dedication to public service. And, Irijaya's exceptional board exam results, with an aggregate percentage of 99.5% and the title of school topper, showcase her academic brilliance.

Throughout her CUET preparation, Irijaya received unwavering support from her parents, teachers, and mentors. Their belief in her abilities and constant encouragement played a pivotal role in her remarkable success in the CUET-UG exam . Their influence formed a solid support system, propelling her towards excellence.

Preparing for Success: Tips To Ace CUET-UG Exam Preparation by Irijaya Dash

Irijaya achieved remarkable success through her well-structured preparation strategy. Here are her valuable tips for future CUET aspirants:

  1. Balancing Preparation: Irijaya efficiently managed her CUET preparation alongside her board exams. Finding the right balance between both ensured comprehensive readiness for the competitive exam.
  2. NCERT Books as a Foundation: The NCERT books played a vital role in Irijaya's success. They served as extremely valuable and essential study resources for subject preparation, providing a strong foundation for the domain tests.
  3. General Knowledge and Awareness: To expand her general knowledge, Irijaya regularly read newspapers and editorials. Staying informed about real-world topics helped her excel in the General Test section.
  4. Guidebooks for Specialized Sections: Irijaya supplemented her study materials with guidebooks. These resources were particularly helpful in improving her skills in quantitative, numerical ability, and logical reasoning sections.
  5. Effective Study Hours: She believed in the power of effective study hours over long study sessions. She dedicated around 12 hours a day to focused self-study, emphasizing quality over quantity.
  6. No Substitute for Hard Work: According to Irijaya Dash, coaching classes may provide additional course materials, but the dedicated self-study and hard work are irreplaceable factors in achieving success.
  7. Maintaining Positivity: Irijaya's initial expectations were not fully met, but she remained grateful and positive about her achievement. Maintaining a positive outlook is crucial throughout the preparation journey.
  8. Embrace Challenges: Embracing challenges and improving problem-solving skills are essential for overcoming obstacles.
  9. Dream Big: Irijaya applied to Delhi University, aspiring to join prestigious colleges like Miranda House. So, setting ambitious goals and aiming for excellence are essential for success.
  10. Believe in Yourself: Confidence is key. Irijaya's belief in her abilities and dedication to improvement propelled her toward her goals.

All in all, Irijaya Dash's journey to becoming the CUET UG topper in 2023 is an inspiration for future candidates. By following her tips and adopting a disciplined approach, aspiring CUET candidates can position themselves for success in this competitive exam. Remember, the path to success is paved with dedication, hard work, and a positive mindset.

Irijaya’s Advice to Future CUET Aspirants:

Drawing from her experience, she encourages future aspirants to set ambitious yet achievable goals, as having a clear vision paves the way for focused preparation.

Irijaya firmly believes that setting the right goals is instrumental in achieving success. Aspiring CUET-UG exam candidates should envision their dream colleges and courses like she aspired to study Sociology and Political Science at prestigious institutions. Additionally, selecting subjects that resonate with one's passion and aptitude can significantly enhance the preparation process.

Summing Up

You can find great inspiration in Irijaya Dash's journey of making into the CUET topper list 2023 with impressive marks. Her remarkable achievement is a testament to the power of dedication, hard work, and maintaining a positive mindset throughout her preparation.

As an aspiring CUET candidate, you should take note of Irijaya's valuable advice. Setting the right goals, choosing suitable subjects, and staying away from shortcuts will pave your path to success. Believe in yourself, just as she did, and face challenges with unwavering self-confidence.

Remember, having a supportive family and encouragement by the parents, teachers, and mentors can make a significant impact on your CUET-UG Results . With their guidance, you can surpass expectations and achieve excellence.

As you embark on your quest for success, let Irijaya's accomplishments light your way. Embrace her principles, stay focused on your goals, and persevere with determination. With hard work & dedication, you can leave your mark and build a bright academic future.