Aviation Consultant

Empowering aviation stakeholders for success: Aviation Consultant career!


An Aviation Consultant is a person that works with the aviation industry and assists aircraft owners by providing numerous services like designing, finding the perfect engineering, providing training as well as certification for the pilot and the ground crew. Moreover, they provide aid to the company to understand the best form of aviation practices in recent times.  

The services provided by Aviation Consultants are worth a great deal for aviation companies as they try to steer Federal Aviation Association rules and regulations. An Aviation Consultant has several responsibilities and duties in which they need to be spot on that leads to various career opportunities for them according to their liking. A career in aviation consultation is only possible if one has an inclination towards helping the companies reach their professional potential.


For Bachelor’s

  • Aspirants have to pass 10+2 with at least 50% marks from an esteemed board.

For Masters

  • Every candidate should have obtained a Bachelor's degree in BBA Aviation or BBA Airport Management.

For Diploma

  • Seekers have to pass class 12 with at least 50% marks and enroll in a diploma course which has a duration of 6 months to a year that deals with the management of airports and aviation.

Job Roles

The field of an Aviation Consultancy aims to provide best services towards the company they work in as well as fulfilling and understanding the needs of the clients. To do such a task, the field of Airport Management presents innumerable job profiles. Below are mentioned some job profiles:

  • General Manager
  • Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Director
  • Project Manager
  • Development Director
  • Technical Director

Top Recruiters

There are many recruiters from leading companies who enlist potential students in the Aviation Consultancy field. Following are some Recruiters from where students can find an employment opportunity in India: 

  • CAE
  • Vistara
  • Solairus Aviation
  • RipplesIndia Group
  • Sharda IT Services
  • ICF
  • Air Asia
  • Srijan Technologies
  • Indigo
  • SGS India


The salary range may vary from company to company, but the salary of an Aviation Consultant is very impressive only in India.


Annual Level Salary

Starting Salary

Approx ₹11,90,000

Mid Level Salary

Approx ₹16,60,000

Senior Level Salary

Approx ₹20,70,000


  • Knowledge about the latest industry trends
  • Analytical Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills to build relationship with clients
  • Update necessary certificates
  • Interpret Various Sources of Information
  • Soft Skills like business and mathematics


The Indian Aviation Industry is one of the fastest growing Aviation Industry and is on a rise as the domestic traffic has gone up by 13%, so anyone working in this industry has a bright future including Aviation Consultants. As the industry is uprising, there is a huge competition to provide quality services to the clients and earn their trust. An Aviation Consultant can do the same by training the staff efficiently. 

Due to high economic growth and rising middle class population in India during the last decade has led to strong growth opportunities for the aviation sector. To be a successful Aviation Consultant, one has to understand the market trends as well as have analytical skills and by following all this one will open gates to numerous career opportunities and growth.



  • Experience and Skill Growth
  • Good Exit Options
  • Flexible Working Conditions
  • Outstanding Way to build your professional network
  • Diversity in Daily Tasks


  • Lack of Job Security
  • Lots of Travel
  • Do not receive benefits
  • High Work Pressure
  • Stiff Competition