Catering Director


A Catering Director is a professional who oversees the planning and execution of catering events. They are responsible for managing all aspects of catering, including menu planning, staffing, logistics, and customer service. Catering Directors work in a variety of settings, including restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and event venues. 

They must have excellent organizational and communication skills, as they are responsible for coordinating multiple tasks and working with clients, vendors, and staff. In addition to managing events, Catering Directors also play a crucial role in marketing and promoting their catering services, building relationships with clients, and ensuring that their catering business runs smoothly and profitably. 


  • Education: Most Catering Director positions require at least a bachelor's degree in hospitality management, business administration, or a related field. Some employers may also prefer candidates with a culinary arts degree or certification.
  • Experience: Many Catering Director positions require several years of experience in the hospitality industry, particularly in catering and event planning. Some employers may prefer candidates who have worked in a supervisory or management role.
  • Skills: Successful Catering Directors possess a range of skills, including excellent communication and interpersonal skills, strong leadership and management skills, attention to detail, the ability to manage budgets and schedules, and a strong understanding of food and beverage service.

Certifications: Some employers may prefer candidates who hold industry certifications such as the Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) or Certified Catering Executive (CCE) designation.

Job Roles

The field of hotel management aims to provide in-depth knowledge and enhance the skills of the students. To do such a task, the catering directing field presents innumerable job profiles:  

  • Event Planner
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Executive Chef
  • Operations Manager

Employment Sector

  • Restaurants
  • Banquet Hall
  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Catering Companies
  • Indian Railways

Top Recruiters

There are many recruiters from leading companies who enlist potential students in the catering directing field. Following are some Recruiters from where students can find an employment opportunity in India:

  • Taj Group
  • Marriott International
  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • ITC Hotels
  • The Leela Palaces, Hotels, and Resorts
  • Oberoi Hotels and Resorts
  • AccorHotels


The salary range may vary from company to company, but the salary of a catering director is very impressive in India.


Level of Salary

Annual Level Salary 

Starting Salary

Approx ₹4,90,000

Mid Level Salary

Approx ₹7,00,000 

Senior Level Salary

Approx ₹15,50,000 


  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Leadership ability
  • Initiative thinking
  • Financial skills


The career scope for a Catering Director can be quite promising, as there is a growing demand for catering services in a variety of settings, including weddings, corporate events, and social gatherings. As a Catering Director gains experience and develops a strong reputation for delivering high-quality events, they may have the opportunity to take on larger and more complex events, such as large-scale conferences or high-end weddings.

Catering Directors can work in a variety of settings, including restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and event venues. They may also have the opportunity to start their own catering businesses, which can offer more flexibility and control over their careers.


  • Creative Freedom
  • Varied Work
  • Social Interaction
  • High Earning Potential
  • Personal Satisfaction


  • Long Hours
  • High Stress
  • Physical Demands
  • Competitive Environment
  • Limited Career Advancement