Delivering exceptional guest experiences with attention to detail and customer satisfaction


The role of a Concierge is an important one within the hospitality industry, particularly in luxury hotels, resorts and high-end apartment buildings. A Concierge is responsible for providing guests with personalised services and recommendations in order to enhance their stay and ensure a memorable experience.

A Concierge's duties can range from making restaurant reservations, booking transportation, arranging tours, providing local recommendations as well as securing tickets for events or attractions. They are often the go-to person for guests seeking information about the local area and they must have extensive knowledge of the city including popular attractions, restaurants and cultural events.

Moreover, the role of a Concierge requires excellent communication skills and the ability to build relationships with guests. They must be able to listen to guests' needs, preferences and provide tailored recommendations accordingly. Additionally, they must have strong organisational skills as well as the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. 


  • Students can pursue BA or B.Sc in Hospitality management.
  • Candidates need to have a good understanding of MS Office.
  • To get in-depth knowledge about hospitality management, seekers can opt for a certification course, diploma or any other training program.
  • A year of experience is a must for aspirants.

Job Roles

The field of hotel management aims to provide in-depth knowledge and enhance the skills of the students. To do such a task, the hospitality management presents innumerable job profiles:  

  • Front Office Manager
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Food Service Manager
  • Lobby Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Kitchen Manager

Top Recruiters

There are many recruiters from leading companies who enlist potential students in the hotel management field. Following are some Recruiters from where students can find an employment opportunity in India:

  • The Oberoi Group of Hotels
  • Wildflower Hall
  • Amanbagh Resort
  • The Paul
  • Taj Rambagh Palace
  • The Surya
  • The Leela Palace Group of Hotels


The salary range may vary from company to company, but the salary of a Concierge is very impressive in India.


Level of Salary

Annual Level Salary 

Starting Salary

Approx ₹3,00,000

Mid Level Salary

Approx ₹5,00,000 

Senior Level Salary

Approx ₹7,00,000 


  • Multitasking skills
  • Time Management skills
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to Detail
  • Industry Awareness
  • Communication skills


The career scope of a Concierge can be quite promising with opportunities for growth as well as advancement within the hospitality industry. The role of a Concierge is particularly important in luxury hotels, resorts and high-end apartment buildings where personalised service and attention to detail are essential.

Furthermore, as a Concierge gains experience, they may progress to higher-level management roles such as Director of Guest Services or Front Office Manager. These roles involve overseeing the entire front office operation including the Concierge team and ensuring that all guests receive the highest level of service possible.


  • Higher degree is not mandatory
  • Variety of employment opportunities are available
  • Good salary package
  • Perfect profile for interested people


  • A good communication skills is must
  • Must have knowledge of Microsoft office and some required computer software
  • Need to work on weekends