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A demographer is a social scientist who studies the statistical characteristics of the human population, such as size, composition and distribution. Demographers use quantitative methods to analyse data related to birth, death, migration and other demographic events to understand how populations change over time. They conduct research and analyse data to understand population trends including patterns of fertility, mortality, migration and population growth. 

Based on demographic trends, demographers develop projections for future population growth, which are used by government and other organisations for planning purposes. Moreover, demographers examine the social and economic characteristics of various population groups such as age, gender, education, income and employment status.


For Bachelor’s

  • The applicants can enrol in a bachelor degree such as BA, B.Sc. and B.Tech. including the subjects of anthropology, sociology, biology, statistics, economics, geography and social science.  
  • The students must pass their 10+2 examination with a minimum of 55% marks. 

For Master’s

  • The graduates can apply for a master degree such as Master of Arts in Demography (MADEM).

Job Roles

As a demographer, there are several job roles and career paths available in various industries. Some of the key job roles of a demographer include:

  • Researcher
  • Data Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Educator
  • Public Health Specialist
  • Market Researcher
  • Senior Manager
  • Geologist
  • Sociologist

Employment Sector Jobs

Demography is a multidisciplinary field that intersects with many other areas of social science and public policy making it a versatile as well as valuable skill set for a variety of career paths. The demographers can find job opportunities in a wide range of sectors depending on their skills and interests. 

  • Corporate Business
  • Publishing House
  • Marketing Firms 
  • MNCs
  • NGOs

Top Recruiters

As a demographer, there are several employers that recruit skilled professionals with expertise in population-related issues. Some of the top recruiters of demographers include:

  • United Nations
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Private sector
  • Academic institutions


The salary of a demographer can vary depending on several factors such as the employer, job title, level of education and years of experience. Here are some general salary ranges for demographers based on data from various sources:


Entry-level Demographer 

Approx 15,000 per month

Senior Demographer

Approx 50,000 per annum

Top-level Demographer

Approx 1,50,000 lakhs or more per annum


  • Quantitative analysis
  • Research and data collection
  • Communication and presentation
  • Critical thinking
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Cultural sensitivity


The scope of demography is quite broad and includes various areas related to the study of human populations. Here are some of the major areas of work in the field of demography:

  • Population size and structure
  • Health and mortality
  • Social and economic issues
  • Urbanisation
  • Family and household structures
  • Environmental issues
  • Public policy


  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Informed decision-making
  • Improved public health
  • Understanding social and economic issues
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Career opportunities


  • Difficult data collection
  • Incomplete data
  • Complexity of analysis
  • Limited career options
  • Limited public interest
  • Ethical issues