Drug Inspector

Safeguarding the integrity of the drug supply chain


A Drug Inspector is a government official who is responsible for ensuring the safety, efficacy and quality of pharmaceutical products. Drug Inspectors work for government regulatory bodies and are responsible for inspecting drug manufacturing facilities, reviewing drug applications along with enforcing regulations related to drug production, distribution and marketing.

Some of the key responsibilities of Drug Inspectors include conducting inspections of drug manufacturing facilities to ensure compliance with regulations, reviewing drug applications to ensure that they meet safety and efficacy standards as well as investigating complaints related to drug products. Drug Inspectors also work closely with other healthcare professionals in order to educate the public about drug safety and to promote the appropriate use of medications.


For Bachelor’s

  • Students must have completed their 10+2 with at least 50% marks in the Science stream.
  • Aspirants can select a bachelor’s degree in the science field.
  • To get an admission in the UG Program, scholars need to pass entrance exams. 

For Master’s

  • Undergraduates can go further for a Master’s degree in science fields.
  • Some universities may require entrance exams for PG Program. 

Job Roles

Apart from working as a drug inspector, there are several other job profiles that a person with a background in this field can pursue. Some of these job profiles include:

  • Medical Reviewer
  • Drug Safety Physician
  • Drug Safety Associate
  • Drug Safety Officer
  • Pharmacovigilance 

Top Recruiters

There are many recruiters from leading companies who enlist potential medical students. Following are some Recruiters from where students can find an employment opportunity in India: 

  • Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO)
  • State Drugs Control Administration (SDCA)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Pharmaceutical companies such as Sun Pharma, Cipla, and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
  • Contract research organisations (CROs) such as QuintilesIMS and Syneos Health


The salary range may vary from company to company, but the salary of a Drug Inspector is very impressive in India.


Level of Salary

Salary Package per Month

Starting Salary

Approx ₹1,20,000

Mid Level Salary

Approx ₹3,00,000 

Senior Level Salary

Approx ₹5,00,000


  • Scientific skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to safety skills


The career scope of a Drug Inspector is quite promising in India. Drug Inspectors are responsible for ensuring the safety, efficacy and quality of pharmaceutical products which is a critical function in the healthcare industry. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow and evolve, the demand for skilled as well as qualified Drug Inspectors is expected to increase.

One of the primary advantages of a career as a Drug Inspector is the job security and stability that comes with working for government regulatory bodies. These agencies are responsible for regulating the pharmaceutical industry and ensuring that drug products are safe, effective and of high quality. As such, there is a constant need for skilled and experienced Drug Inspectors to carry out these responsibilities.


  • Job security
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Good compensation
  • Respectable position


  • Heavy workload
  • Need to stay updated
  • Need for extensive in education and training
  • Can be challenging
  • Can be difficult to enforce regulations