Litigation Lawyer

Be the legal professional who navigates complex legal proceedings


A litigation attorney, also referred to as a litigation lawyer, defends a client in court or during legal proceedings before a judge. Most of their duties include gathering legal evidence, drafting legal documents, and arguing a case in court. They are required to appear in court numerous times and to handle civil matters. 

The need for a Litigation Lawyer is growing as a result of the overwhelming amount of people using the courts as a result of rising crime rates across the country. A litigation lawyer has a very rewarding and fulfilling career. Moreover, an individual can become a successful  lawyer, if they have a thorough understanding of how trials are conducted. To become professional as a Litigation attorney one needs the appropriate set of degrees and skills.


For Bachelor’s

  • The Candidates are required to pass their 10+2 from a recognised board/institution with minimum 50% aggregate marks.
  • You can enrol in an LLB degree program of duration 3 years or you can join an integrated 5-year LLB degree program. 

For Masters

  • The aspirants need to be graduated before they apply for a master's degree program in law.
  • You can enrol in LLM for continuing higher studies from a recognised college/institute.

Job Roles

The main goals of studying real estate law rules and regulations are to provide students with in-depth knowledge and an enhanced capacity to resolve property disputes. To complete such a task, a variety of job profiles are available in the field of real estate law study. 

  • Litigation Lawyer
  • Legal Executive
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Legal Associate
  • Criminal Litigation Lawyer
  • Legal Assistant
  • Nodal Officer
  • Legal Support Worker
  • Legal Advisor

Employment Sector Jobs

The following employment sectors or industries are the top firms that hire litigation attorneys:

  • Trial Court
  • District Court
  • High Court
  • Supreme Court
  • MNCs
  • Corporate Offices
  • Law Firms

Top Recruiters

Many companies employ litigation attorneys to offer legal services. The following are some of the top litigation lawyer recruiters:

  • Lateral Link
  • Major, Lindsey & Africa
  • BCG Attorney Search
  • Robert Half Legal
  • Lucas Group
  • Parker and Lynch Legal
  • Special Counsel
  • Select Legal


The salary of a litigation lawyer in India varies depending on factors including education qualifications, work experience and training period. 


Entry-level Litigation lawyers

Approx 1 lakhs to 2 lakhs per annum

Senior Litigation lawyers

Approx 4 lakhs - 5 lakhs per annum

Top-level Litigation lawyers

Approx 5 lakhs - 10 lakhs per annum


The scope of a litigation lawyer is to represent clients in legal disputes and resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or trial. Some specific tasks performed by a litigation lawyer include:

  • Analysing legal issues of a case 
  • Conducting research on laws, regulations, and legal principles
  • Drafting legal documents related to the dispute.
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Representing clients in court
  • Advising clients regarding their legal rights and obligations

Overall, the scope of a litigation lawyer involves advocating for their clients in a wide range of legal disputes, and helping to resolve these disputes in a manner that protects their clients' interests.


Some of the benefits of being a litigation lawyer include:

  • Professional growth
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Opportunity to help others
  • Competitive salary
  • Diverse work
  • Prestige
  • Sense of accomplishment


Some of the drawbacks of being a litigation lawyer include:

  • Stressful and demanding
  • Adversarial nature
  • Uncertainty
  • High cost
  • Ethical responsibilities
  • Limited control over outcome
  • High stakes