News Anchor

Step-by-step Guide to Start Your Dynamic Career as a News Anchor


A news anchor is a professional journalist who is responsible for presenting news stories and information to the public through various media platforms such as television, radio or online channels. Their main role is to deliver accurate and timely news updates, maintaining credibility and engaging the audience. These experts schedule and conduct interviews, write scripts, pitch story ideas to editors and collaborate with various reporters to present the necessary information to the engaged audience. 

As their job role and responsibilities include presenting the news to the public, they are required to maintain a well-polished appearance and possess strong public speaking as well as conversational skills. A news anchor is generally required to be able to convey the information in such a way that captivates the audience and also increases the popularity of the news channel, thus generating a good income for the organisation. 

In addition to presenting the news, these experts are often involved in News Scripting and Preparation. They may also participate in writing, editing and reviewing news scripts before they go on air or are presented to the audience. Moreover, they ensure the accuracy and coherence of the news that is delivered by collaborating with news editors, producers and reporters. 

Apart from the above-listed job roles and responsibilities, research and fact-checking are considered the crucial aspects of a news anchor's role. They need to verify the authenticity and reliability of the news stories they are presenting, making sure the information is factual and up to date. This involves researching various sources and cross-verifying details to provide the audience with credible and accurate news. 

Furthermore, news anchors typically hold degrees in the fields of Journalism, Media and Mass Communication, or related fields. These educational backgrounds equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand the dynamics of news reporting, media ethics, storytelling techniques and effective communication.

In essence, a news anchor plays a pivotal role in the world of journalism, acting as a bridge between the news events and the audience. They convey information in a professional, unbiased and engaging manner, ensuring that the public stays informed about important events and issues shaping the world around them. Their dedication to truth, accuracy and effective communication is what distinguishes them in the media industry.


For Bachelor’s

  • The students can opt for the Arts or Commerce stream and must pass their 10+2 board examination by pursuing at least a minimum of 55-65% aggregate marks. 
  • Pursue a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication, Journalism, Media Studies, Broadcast Journalism or a related field after completing 10+2.
  • As these programs provide foundational knowledge in journalism, media ethics, communication principles, news reporting and multimedia production.

For Masters

  • After completing the Bachelor’s degree, the students can pursue a master's degree to enhance their skills and job prospects in the competitive field of news anchoring.
  • They can opt for a master's program in Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Digital Media or a related specialisation to deepen their knowledge and expertise.

For Internships

  • Students must gain practical experience and exposure to the field through internships, part-time jobs or contributions to college newspapers, radio stations or online publications during their bachelor's studies.
  • Also, by building a strong portfolio showcasing your work including news writing, reporting, anchoring or any relevant media projects. 
  • They must engage in continuous learning by attending workshops, seminars and short courses that focus on journalism, communication, public speaking and related skills. 

Job Roles

The job role of a news anchor is crucial in the field of journalism, serving as a primary liaison between news events and the audience. Here are the key job roles and responsibilities of a news anchor:

  • News Presentation
  • Scripting and Preparation
  • Interviews and Reporting
  • Breaking News Coverage
  • Research and Fact-Checking
  • Collaboration with Teams
  • Crisis Communication
  • Engagement with Audience
  • Public Appearances and Events
  • Continuous Learning and Growth

Moreover, news anchors must possess excellent communication skills, poise and adaptability to effectively deliver news across various platforms and maintain the credibility and trust of the audience.

Top Recruiters

Here are some of the prominent media organisations in India known for recruiting news anchors:

  • NDTV (New Delhi Television Limited)
  • Times Group ( ET Now, Mirror Now, Times Now)
  • Zee Media Corporation Limited
  • India Today Group (India Today, Aaj Tak)
  • CNN-News18
  • Republic TV
  • ABP News Network (ABP News, ABP Ananda, ABP Majha)
  • India TV
  • News18 India (Network18)
  • BBC News India 

Additionally, networking and building relationships within the media industry can help identify job opportunities as a news anchor.


Salaries for news anchors in India can vary based on several factors including the media organisation, location, experience, skill level and educational qualifications. Here is the approximate salary listed in the table given below: 

Level of Salary

Salary Package per Annum

Starting Salary

₹2.5 lakh to ₹6 lakh per annum

Mid Level Salary

₹6 lakh to ₹12 lakh per annum

Senior Level Salary

₹12 lakh and above per annum


  • Strong Communication
  • Voice Modulation and Diction
  • Command over Language
  • Interpretation and Analysis
  • Knowledge of Current Affairs and News
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Camera Presence and Charisma
  • Research and Preparation
  • Time Management
  • Critical Thinking and Objectivity
  • Resilience and Professionalism
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Knowledge of Media Equipment
  • Social Media and Digital Savvy


The career scope of a news anchor is quite expansive and dynamic, offering a pathway for individuals passionate about journalism and effective communication. Starting from entry-level positions or junior reporting roles, aspiring news anchors can climb the ladder to become the face of news programs, hosting prime-time shows and conducting high-profile interviews. 

With experience and expertise, they may get into editorial roles, and managerial positions or even expand their presence in the digital realm, leveraging social media and online platforms to engage a wider audience. Also, the evolving media landscape provides opportunities for specialisation in diverse fields such as politics, business, technology or entertainment, enabling anchors to become authoritative voices in their chosen domains. 

Furthermore, the influence of news anchors extends globally, allowing them to report on international events, collaborate with global networks and contribute to a deeper understanding of global issues, making the profession both enriching and impactful.


  • High Visibility and Influence
  • Opportunity for Advocacy
  • Networking and Professional Growth
  • Skill Development
  • Job Satisfaction and Fulfilment


  • High Stress and Demanding Schedule
  • Public Scrutiny and Pressure
  • Irregular Work Hours
  • Balancing Objectivity and Subjectivity
  • Job Instability and Competitive Industry