Physical Education Teacher

Inspiring a healthier generation by shaping minds and bodies.


A Physical Education (PE) Teacher plays a crucial role in promoting physical fitness and overall well-being among students. They are responsible for designing comprehensive physical education curricula, which encompass various sports, fitness activities, and health-related topics. PE Teachers create lesson plans that cater to students of different ages and abilities, focusing on developing their physical skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

In the classroom, PE Teachers instruct students on proper exercise techniques, the rules of different sports, and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. They facilitate both individual and team-based activities, fostering an environment that encourages active participation and personal growth. Additionally, they assess students' progress, providing constructive feedback to help them improve their physical abilities.

PE Teachers often serve as mentors and role models, promoting discipline, respect, and fair play. They play a vital role in instilling a lifelong love for physical activity and teaching essential life skills such as cooperation, leadership, and perseverance.

In summary, a career as a PE Teacher is dedicated to enhancing students' physical fitness, health awareness, and personal development, contributing to the holistic education and well-rounded growth of individuals


In India, becoming a Physical Education (PE) Teacher typically involves meeting specific educational and age-related criteria. While eligibility requirements may vary by educational institutions and states, the common criteria are as follows:

  1. Educational Qualification: To pursue a career as a PE Teacher in India, candidates typically need a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education or a related field. A Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physical Education are common degree choices. Some institutions may require a Master's degree (M.P.Ed.) for higher-level teaching positions.
  1. Teacher Training: In addition to a relevant degree, aspiring PE Teachers may need to complete teacher training programs or courses. For instance, a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree with a specialization in Physical Education can be beneficial. These programs provide pedagogical training, preparing individuals to teach effectively.
  1. Age: There is no strict age limit for pursuing a career as a PE Teacher. However, most individuals begin their educational journey in this field after completing their higher secondary education, typically around the age of 18 or older. 
  1. Certification: Depending on the state and educational institution, candidates may need to obtain teaching certifications or licenses to work as a PE Teacher. These certifications often require passing qualifying exams and meeting specific teaching standards set by the respective educational boards.
  1. Physical Fitness: PE Teachers are expected to lead by example, so maintaining good physical fitness is essential. While not a formal eligibility requirement, candidates should be in reasonably good physical condition to actively participate in sports and physical activities alongside their students.
  1. Teaching Skills: Effective communication and teaching skills are critical for PE Teachers. Being able to convey instructions, motivate students, and provide constructive feedback is essential to the role.

Job Roles

A career as a Physical Education (PE) Teacher offers a range of roles and responsibilities, each contributing to the promotion of physical fitness, sportsmanship, and a healthy lifestyle among students. They have the flexibility to choose from various job roles available, depending on their interests, expertise, and career goals. 

Regardless of the specific role listed below, they play a vital part in fostering physical health, sportsmanship, and a lifelong love for physical activity among their students:

  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Sports Coach
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Health Educator
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Athletic Director
  • Special Education PE Teacher
  • Physical Education Coordinator
  • Recreation Leader
  • Sports Analyst or Commentator
  • Physical Fitness Consultant
  • Private Coach

Top Recruiters

In the field of physical education, a diverse range of employers seeks qualified PE teachers to instruct and guide students in various aspects of physical fitness, sports, and overall well-being. These employers include public and private educational institutions, sports organizations, fitness centers, government agencies, and more. 

  • Public Schools and School Districts
  • Private Schools
  • NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences), Bangalore
  • International Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Fitness Clubs and Gyms
  • Government Departments of Education
  • Military and Law Enforcement Training Facilities
  • Sports Authority of India (SAI)
  • Youth Sports Organizations
  • Nonprofit Sports and Fitness Initiatives
  • Specialized Sports Camps
  • Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation
  • Tata Memorial Centre - Mumbai
  • All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AIIPMR), Mumbai


According to 800+ salaries on Glassdoor and more than 1000 salaries reported on Indeed, the average salary of a Physical Education teacher ranges anywhere between Rs. 2,82,000 per annum in India. However, the salary range differs based on the aspirant’s profile as well as the company and location he/she is employed. The estimated pay scales as per the experience level are as under:


Annual Average Salary


₹1,44,000 to ₹2,40,000


₹2,80,000 to ₹3,20,000  


₹3,50,000 to ₹4,50,000


Physical education teachers should possess a range of skills to effectively educate and motivate students in the realm of physical fitness and sports. These skills collectively contribute to the effectiveness of a physical education teacher in imparting knowledge, promoting physical fitness, and instilling a love for sports and a healthy lifestyle in students. The skills may be as listed below:

  • Strong Subject Knowledge

  • Effective Teaching and Communication

  • Patience and Motivation

  • Adaptability and Flexibility

  • Organizational and Planning Abilities

  • Interpersonal Skills for Student Engagement

  • First Aid and Safety Competence

  • Tech Proficiency for Modern Teaching

  • Assessment and Progress Evaluation

  • CPR and Emergency Response Preparedness

  • Collaborative Teamwork Approach


A career as a Physical Education Teacher offers a diverse and dynamic scope. Physical Education Teachers find opportunities in educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities, where they play a crucial role in promoting physical fitness and wellness among students of all ages. 

Additionally, they can venture into sports coaching, working with individuals or teams to develop their athletic skills. The fitness industry is another avenue, where PE teachers can become fitness trainers or instructors in gyms and health clubs. Recreation centers, sports academies, and government organizations also seek their expertise. Moreover, the corporate world offers positions in employee wellness programs. 

PE teachers can even explore entrepreneurship by starting sports-related businesses or engaging in research and development in the field of sports science. International opportunities in teaching and coaching abroad further broaden the horizons of those passionate about physical education


  • Promotes health and fitness
  • Emotionally fulfilling career
  • Diverse work environments
  • Ideal for sports enthusiasts
  • Influences future generations positively
  • Fosters holistic development


  • Limited income potential
  • Heavy workload and stress
  • Physical demands of teaching
  • Limited career advancement
  • Budget constraints in schools
  • Seasonal variations in workload