Project Quality Manager

Ensuring excellent calibre at every stage of your project with quality management.


A project quality manager is the one who is primarily responsible for ensuring that all the project requirements meet the specified conditions as listed by the clients. Additionally, their main focus is to provide quality assurance along with control of the project outcomes, processes as well as methodologies. Moreover, a project quality manager has various responsibilities and tasks assigned by a particular organisation such as developing and implementing a project quality plan that outlines the quality standards which may be used throughout the project lifecycle. 

To become a project quality manager, candidates must have a technical educational background in the field of computer science. Aspirants can also pursue an MBA in project management to gain management skills. You must attend training sessions or apply for an internship as a project quality manager intern to be hired by top MNCs. 


For Bachelor’s

  • Scholars must pass their 10+2 board exams with a minimum grade of 60% from an authorised education board.
  • The seekers should enrol in a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or any other technical related field in order to kick start their career as a project quality manager. 

 For Masters

  • The successful graduates must pursue MBA in Project Management to attain the required skills and get hired by the top MNCs for a better future. 

Job Roles

The job roles and specific duties of a project quality manager are listed as given below: 

  • Quality Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Quality Control Personnel
  • Audit Manager
  • Production Planner
  • Audit Manager
  • Purchase Manager
  • Safety and Maintenance Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager 

Top Recruiters

Many different businesses including both small and large corporations, employ project quality managers. The best recruiters for Project Quality Managers are:

  • Continental
  • L&T
  • Siemens
  • Ola
  • Jio
  • Wipro
  • Piramal 

Employment Sector

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Information Services
  • Publishing Firm 


The pay of a project quality manager can vary according to a variety of factors including the size of the company, the location, the industry and the number of years of experience.


Level of Salary

Salary Package per Year

Starting Salary

Approx ₹3,00,000

Mid Level Salary

Approx ₹7,00,000 

Senior Level Salary

Approx ₹14, 00,000 


  • Quality management knowledge
  • Project management knowledge
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Risk management
  • Continuous improvement mindset
  • Technical skills


The career scope of Project Quality Managers is quite promising as they play a critical role in ensuring the success of projects by managing and maintaining quality standards. As a Project Quality Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the quality of projects and ensuring that they meet the required standards as well as expectations. The career field of Project Quality Managers is expected to grow in the coming years as more organisations focus on quality management to improve their processes and ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, Project Quality Managers can also work in a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare and technology among others.


  • Improved quality
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Improved reputation


  • Increased costs
  • Resistance to change
  • Time-consuming
  • Overemphasis on quality
  • Bureaucracy
  • Lack of flexibility