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Discover the epitome of mathematics coaching excellence at InfoStudy, a distinguished institute located in the heart of Delhi. Specializing in competitive exams such as CSIR UGC NET, NBHM, GATE, TIFR, and IIT JAM-Mathematics, and various other recruitment exams like NET, SET, TET, PGT, etc. and entrance tests including M.Sc. Entrances, MCA Entrances, etc., or any other involving higher mathematics, InfoStudy has emerged as the go-to destination for students of post-graduation and Ph.D. aspiring to excel in the field of mathematics.

InfoStudy was founded in the year 2017 with a steadfast commitment to providing top-notch education and guidance to students on their journey to success. The institute's mission is to instill confidence in students, enabling them to face any academic challenge with resilience. With a focus on building postgraduates' careers in mathematics, InfoStudy is dedicated to developing and fostering a deep interest in the intricate concepts of the subject.

Dr. A.P. Singh, Ph.D. in Mathematics from Panjab University, a Gold Medalist in his Graduation as well as Post-Graduation and a recipient of National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM) and the renowned mentor Mr. Praveen Chhikara, known for their expertise, contribute significantly to InfoStudy's success. Their mentorship, combined with a dedicated faculty, positions InfoStudy as a premier institute for mathematics coaching.

The institute’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its holistic learning environment as it integrates innovative teaching methodologies, the latest test series, personalized attention through doubt resolution sessions, and a blend of online and offline resources to ensure students receive a comprehensive and effective education


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H.O. 28A, Jia Sarai, Near IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, 110016

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Contact No: +91 9650838031

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Tutorial Facilities

Online Courses

  • CSIR NET Maths
  • NTA CSIR NET Maths – Video Lecture
  • NTA CSIR NET Maths Previous Year Paper Discussion

Topic Wise Courses

  • Modern Algebra
  • Real Analysis
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Complex Analysis
  • ODE, PDE, COV & IE
  • Part -A
  • Unit-3

GATE Mathematics

  • GATE Mathematics
  • GATE Maths Previous Year Paper Discussion
  • GATE Mathematics Online Test Series


  • IIT JAM Previous Years Papers Discussion
  • Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission Exam
  • Gujarat State Eligibility Set (GSET)


  • West Bengal SET (WBSET)
  • West Bengal SET (WBSET) Without Statistics
  • RPSC

Lecturer Cadre

  • Lecturer Cadre Mathematics
  • Lecturer Cadre Chemistry
  • HTET

Offline Courses

  • NET/JRF Regular Classroom Program
  • NET/JRF Weekend Classroom Program
  • CSIR NET Crash Course
  • GATE Mathematics
  • GATE Mathematics Classroom Program
  • IIT JAM Regular Classroom Program
  • IIT JAM Weekend Classroom Program
  • IIT JAM Crash Course

Preparation Facilities

At InfoStudy, the commitment to excellence extends beyond traditional teaching methods, encompassing a range of preparation facilities designed to empower students and propel them towards success in competitive exams like CSIR UGC NET, GATE, and IIT JAM.

  1. Classroom Programs:

Structured Learning: Comprehensive courses meticulously designed for CSIR UGC NET, GATE, and IIT JAM, fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Expert Guidance: CSIR NET/IIT JAM/GATE qualified faculty provide personalized attention and guidance.

  1. Online Test Series:

Sharpening Skills: Innovative online test series for CSIR UGC NET Mathematics, allowing students to enhance speed and accuracy in solving questions.

Real Exam Simulation: Simulated exam environments to familiarize candidates with the actual exam pattern.

  1. Study Material

Holistic Resources: Well-researched and structured study material ensuring coverage of the entire syllabus.

Blend of Resources: Integration of textbooks, reference guides, and online tutorials for a comprehensive understanding.

  1. Crash Courses

Intensive Revision: Specially designed crash courses for quick and effective revision before exams.

Focused Approach: Targeted sessions to reinforce key concepts and enhance problem-solving skills.

  1. One-to-One Doubt Sessions

Personalized Assistance: Individual doubt resolution sessions provide a platform for students to clarify queries and strengthen their understanding of intricate concepts.

Conducive Learning Environment: Fostering a conducive learning environment where doubts are welcomed and addressed with care.

  1. Assignment Discussion

Bridging Theory and Application: Regular discussions on assignments to promote the practical application of learned concepts.

Enhanced Understanding: Interactive sessions that bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world problem-solving.

  1. Previous Year Paper Discussion:

Strategic Analysis: Thorough examination and discussion of previous year’s papers to understand exam patterns and identify recurring themes.

Tailored Preparation: Insights gained from paper discussions aid in tailoring preparation strategies for optimal exam performance.

InfoStudy's preparation facilities go beyond conventional approaches, incorporating a blend of offline and online resources to cater to diverse learning preferences. By providing a holistic and supportive learning environment, InfoStudy ensures that students are well-equipped to face the challenges of competitive mathematics examinations with confidence and competence


InfoStudy prides itself on providing a robust infrastructure that caters to the diverse needs of students, creating a conducive atmosphere for effective learning and holistic development.

  • Classrooms: Equipped with modern amenities and audio-visual tools, providing an immersive and comfortable setting for interactive learning experiences.
  • Library: A knowledge haven offering an extensive array of textbooks, reference materials, and study resources, complemented by serene study spaces for individual and group learning.
  • Technology Facilities: State-of-the-art computer labs facilitate online exams, practice tests, and e-learning, while projectors and audio-visual aids elevate teaching methods.
  • Counseling and Guidance Center: A dedicated space with seasoned counselors addressing academic and personal concerns, fostering a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.
  • Administrative Offices: Efficient hubs managing inquiries, admissions, and general support services, ensuring streamlined assistance for students.
  • Common Areas: Purpose-built spaces for group discussions, collaborative learning, and student interactions, fostering engagement and participation.