AURO University

Surat, Gujarat

AURO University in Surat, Gujarat, is dedicated to providing a holistic learning experience


AURO University, formerly known as AURO University of Hospitality and Management, stands as a distinguished private institution situated in Surat, Gujarat, India. The university was founded in 2011 under the provisions of The Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2011, by the Rama family. Originally focused on hospitality and management education, AURO University has expanded its academic offerings to encompass various disciplines, including business, law, design, and communication. 

The institution is committed to providing a comprehensive and quality education, fostering an environment that nurtures innovation, critical thinking, and practical skills. With modern facilities and a student-centric approach, AURO University aims to contribute significantly to the educational landscape, emphasizing both academic excellence and holistic development


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IBM, Marriott International, Kyung Hee University, Torino University, Teesside University & SGCCI 

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Hazira Rd, Bhatpore, Surat, Gujarat 394510

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Ph no. 0261 4088100




School of Business (3)

School of Design (2)

School of Hospitality Management (3)

School of Information Technology (4)

School of Law (3)

School of Journalism & Mass Communication (2)

School of Liberal Art & Human Sciences (2)

Ph.D (5)


  • Online Application: Submit the application form online through the official AURO University website.
  • AURO Entrance Exam: Take the AURO Entrance Exam consisting of multiple-choice questions.
  • Exam Duration: The entrance exam duration ranges between 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Fulfill the specific eligibility criteria for the desired course.
  • Entrance Exam Performance: Perform well in the AURO Entrance Exam, as scores play a crucial role in selection.
  • Document Verification: Undergo document verification to validate provided information.
  • Fee Payment: Complete the fee payment process within the given timeframe.


AURO University's Placement Program reflects its commitment to facilitating valuable professional experiences for its students. With a robust network and proactive approach, the university has successfully provided over 500 internships to its students, allowing them to gain practical insights and real-world exposure in their respective fields.

The Placement Program at AURO University has attracted top-notch recruiters from various industries, further enhancing the opportunities for its students. The list of prominent recruiters includes esteemed organizations such as HDFC Bank, HCL, JK Tyres, Max Life Insurance, Reliance Industries, Just Dial, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Axis Bank, Bajaj Finserv, IndiaMart, Vodafone, and Mahindra Insurance, among others.

These reputed companies represent diverse sectors, providing AURO University students with a wide range of career options and industry exposure. The presence of such prestigious recruiters is a testament to the university's commitment to producing well-rounded and industry-ready graduates.

The university's Placement Program likely focuses on not only securing job opportunities for its students but also on fostering long-term partnerships with leading companies. This approach ensures that AURO University graduates are well-prepared to meet the dynamic demands of the professional world and contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields


  • Establishment and Name Change: AURO University, formerly AURO University of Hospitality and Management, was established in 2011 in Surat, Gujarat, India. It underwent a name change to reflect its broader academic scope.
  • Legal Foundation: Founded by the Rama family, the university operates under The Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2011, which provides the legal framework for its establishment and operations.
  • Academic Diversification: Originally focused on hospitality and management, AURO University has expanded its academic offerings to include disciplines such as business, law, design, and communication.
  • Campus: The university boasts a modern and well-equipped campus designed to support diverse academic programs. The campus includes classrooms, lecture halls, and specialized facilities tailored to different disciplines.
  • Infrastructure: AURO University is committed to providing excellent infrastructure. This encompasses amenities such as well-maintained libraries, research centers, computer labs, and recreational spaces to enhance the overall learning experience.
  • Student-Centric Approach: The university emphasizes a student-centric approach, fostering an environment conducive to innovation, critical thinking, and practical skill development.
  • Holistic Development: AURO University aims to contribute to holistic student development, addressing both academic and extracurricular aspects. The campus is designed to provide an enriching environment that goes beyond traditional classroom learning.
  • Well-Being Facilities: Recognizing the importance of student well-being, the university likely provides accommodation facilities, ensuring a comfortable and conducive living environment for students.
  • Continuous Growth: The university is dynamic, and its infrastructure and facilities may have evolved since my last knowledge update. For the latest and most accurate information, it is recommended to refer to the official website or contact the university directly.