Parul University

Vadodra, Gujarat

Where Dreams Take Flight and Futures Are Built


Parul University, located in Vadodara, Gujarat, stands as a beacon of multidisciplinary learning and innovation, committed to fostering excellence in higher education. Notably, it holds the distinction of being India’s youngest private university to receive NAAC A++ accreditation in its inaugural cycle. Rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the nation, the university seamlessly integrates modern academic practices, reflecting a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Comprising a diverse array of faculties and institutes, Parul University offers an extensive range of diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across various disciplines. What sets it apart is its distinctive approach to education, characterized by industry relevance and alignment with real-world demands. Through meticulously crafted curricula and robust industry partnerships, the university ensures that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

The university's commitment to student success is evident in its track record of nurturing talent and facilitating rewarding career opportunities. By providing avenues for start-up incubation and maintaining stellar placement records, Parul University empowers students to realize their aspirations and embark on trajectories of professional success


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UGC, BCI, AICTE, DSIR, AIU, The Gujarat Government Gazette, Ministry of AYUSH, CCH, PCI, INC, NMC & CCIM

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53 in Pharmacy Category by NIRF

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P.O.Limda, Ta.Waghodia – 391760

Dist. Vadodara, Gujarat

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Ph no. +91-2668-260300



Undergraduate Programs

Architecture & Planning (2)

Applied Science (29)

Agriculture (1)

Ayurved (1)

Commerce (8)

Engineering & Technology (31)

Design (6)

Fine Arts (3)

Homeopathy (1)

Hotel Management & Catering Technology (3)

IT & Computer Science (40)

Law (3)

Liberal Arts (16)

Management Studies (34)

Medicine (21)

Nursing (4)

Physiotherapy (1)

Pharmacy (1)

Performing Arts (2)

Social Work (2)

Postgraduate Programs

Architecture & Planning (2)

Applied Science (16)

Ayurved (13)

Commerce (4)

Engineering & Technology (13)

Design (1)

Homeopathy (5)

Hotel Management & Catering Technology (2)

IT & Computer Science (20)

Law (9)

Liberal Arts (4)

Library & Information Science (2)

Management Studies (23)

Nursing (6)

Pharmacy (12)

Physiotherapy (1)

Social Work (2)

Medicine (31)


Architecture & Planning (1)

Engineering & Technology (17)

Design (4)

Hotel Management & Catering Technology (1)

Pharmacy (1)

Performing Arts (1)

Medicine (10)


Integrated Program

Applied Science (1)

Commerce (2)

Engineering & Technology (5)

IT & Computer Science (5)

Management Studies (6)

Medicine (2)

Certificate Program

Ayurved (2)

Design (6)

Hotel Management & Catering Technology (1)

IT & Computer Science (2)

Management Studies (3)

Physiotherapy (3)

Medicine (3)



  • Visit Online Admission Portal: Prospective students can access the university's online admission portal through the official website. This portal serves as the gateway for initiating the admission process.
  • Fill Your Information: Upon accessing the online admission portal, applicants are required to fill in their personal and academic information as per the provided instructions. This step ensures that the university has the necessary details to process the application.
  • Choose a Program: After providing the requisite information, applicants can explore the various programs offered by Parul University. They can select the program that aligns with their academic interests, career goals, and eligibility criteria.
  • Register for the Selected Program: Once the desired program is chosen, applicants need to register for admission to that particular program through the online portal. This registration step confirms the applicant's intent to pursue studies at Parul University.
  • Pay Fees: After completing the registration process, applicants are required to pay the prescribed fees for the selected program. Payment methods and deadlines are typically provided within the admission portal for applicants' convenience.


  • Outstanding University for Highest Nationalities in West Zone - 2019: Parul University was recognized for its inclusive environment and ability to attract students from diverse nationalities, highlighting its commitment to global engagement and cultural diversity.
  • Best University in Placements Award – 2018 & 2019: The university's dedication to ensuring successful career outcomes for its graduates earned it the title of the best university in placements for consecutive years, underscoring its effectiveness in bridging the gap between academia and industry.
  • Best Private University in Western India Award - 2017: Parul University's overall excellence and contributions to higher education in the western region of India were acknowledged through this prestigious award, affirming its status as a leading institution in the region.
  • Top University for Internationalization Award - 2019: The university's efforts in promoting internationalization and fostering global partnerships were recognized, positioning it as a top destination for students seeking a truly global learning experience.
  • Medical Excellence Award by International Business Council - 2019: Parul University's commitment to medical education and healthcare excellence was honored with this esteemed award, highlighting its contributions to advancing medical knowledge and practices.


Parul University boasts an impressive track record in placements, reflecting its commitment to facilitating rewarding career opportunities for its students. With a highest package touching 30 LPA and an average package ranging between 7-8 LPA, the university ensures that graduates are well-positioned for success in the competitive job market. The numbers speak volumes, with over 24,000 students already placed and a consistent annual placement rate exceeding 2,500 students. 

This accomplishment is further underscored by the extensive network of over 2,200 recruiting companies that regularly engage with the university for talent acquisition. Such robust placement figures not only affirm the quality of education imparted at Parul University but also demonstrate its effectiveness in bridging the gap between academia and industry. Through strategic partnerships and proactive career development initiatives, the university empowers students to translate their academic achievements into tangible career prospects, thereby laying a solid foundation for their professional journey


  • Classrooms: Parul University provides modern and well-equipped classrooms to facilitate interactive learning and academic excellence.
  • Library: The university's library offers a vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources to support research and learning endeavors.
  • Hostel: Comfortable hostel facilities are available on campus, ensuring a conducive environment for students to focus on their studies and personal growth.
  • Sports Facility: Parul University prioritizes the physical well-being of its students by offering a range of sports facilities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Halls and Auditorium: Spacious halls and auditoriums cater to various events, seminars, and cultural activities, fostering a vibrant campus community.
  • Hospital: The university houses a hospital within its premises, providing access to quality healthcare services for students and the surrounding community.
  • Campus Merchandise Store: A dedicated merchandise store offers a range of university-branded products and essentials for students' convenience.
  • Recreational Facilities: Parul University provides recreational facilities where students can unwind, relax, and engage in leisure activities.
  • PU Canteens and Food Courts: Various canteens and food courts on campus offer a variety of dining options, catering to diverse preferences and dietary needs.