Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science

Navigate the Complexities of Global Politics With a BA in Political Science


The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science is an undergraduate program that delves into the study of political systems, government structures, political ideologies, international relations and public policies. Students enrolled in this program explore the complexities of political dynamics, governance and the impact of political decisions on societies. 

The curriculum typically covers a broad range of topics including political theory, comparative politics, political economy, political philosophy and diplomacy. Students engage in critical analysis of political events, historical developments and contemporary issues. The program aims to foster skills in research, argumentation, and understanding the diverse aspects of political behaviour and institutions. 

Graduates with a BA in Political Science often pursue careers in government, public administration, international organisations, advocacy groups, journalism, law and other fields where a deep understanding of political processes is valuable. Additionally, the program provides a foundation for further studies in political science at the postgraduate level.


The core subjects in a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science program can vary across universities, but here are common subjects that students often study:

  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Political Theory
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations
  • Political Economy
  • Political Philosophy
  • Research Methods in Political Science
  • Political Institutions
  • Political Sociology
  • Human Rights and Global Justice
  • Public Administration

Moreover, the above-listed subjects are highly valuable for those aspirants who want to join civil services. 

Practical Learning

Practical learning in a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science program is designed to complement theoretical knowledge and enhance the skills of the students for real-world applications. Here are the components of practical learning in this program:

  • Research Projects
  • Internships
  • Participation in Debates and Model United Nations (MUN) Activities
  • Political Campaigns
  • Media and Communication Projects
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Public Policy Workshops

These practical learning experiences contribute to a quality education in political science, preparing students for a variety of careers in government, advocacy, diplomacy, public administration and other fields.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science can vary among universities and colleges, but here's a general overview of the typical subjects and structure aspirants might study over the three-year duration of the program:

First Year 

  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Political Theory
  • Political Institutions
  • Constitutional Government and Democracy
  • Political Process in India
  • Human Rights
  • Constitutional Law
  • English Language I
  • Language Subject (Regional)

Second Year 

  • Comparative Politics
  • Public Administration
  • International Relations and World History
  • Public Policy and Administration in India 
  • Political Economy
  • Research Methodology in Political Science
  • Electives

Third Year 

  • Political Sociology
  • Human Rights and Citizenship
  • Foreign Policy
  • Environmental Politics
  • Elective Specialisation Courses
  • Internship/Practical Experience

Top Institutes

Several reputed institutions in India offer Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs in Political Science. Here are some top institutes known for their humanities and social sciences programs, including BA in Political Science:

  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR)
  • Hindu College
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)
  • Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
  • St. Xavier's College
  • University Of Lucknow

These colleges are well-known for their faculty, infrastructure, and overall academic reputation.

Career Growth

Career growth in BA Political Science can be dynamic and rewarding, offering various opportunities for advancement as professionals gain experience and expertise. Here are some factors that contribute to career growth in BA Political Science:

  • Advanced Education
  • Specialised Certifications
  • Networking
  • Research and Publications
  • Internships and Practical Experience
  • Public Service and Government Positions
  • Political Campaigns and Advocacy
  • Policy Analysis and Consulting
  • Teaching and Academia

Additionally, staying adaptable to the evolving landscape of political dynamics and global affairs is crucial for sustained success in the field.


The scope of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science is broad and diverse, offering graduates a range of opportunities across various sectors. Here are key aspects highlighting the scope of BA Political Science:

  • Government and Public Administration
  • International Relations
  • Political Research and Analysis
  • Public Policy and Advocacy
  • Political Journalism and Media
  • Political Consultancy
  • Legal Professions
  • Corporate and Business Sector
  • Political Campaign Management
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Service
  • Political Entrepreneurship
  • Social and Political Activism

The interdisciplinary nature of political science equips graduates with critical thinking, analytical and communication skills that are valuable in various professions.

Pros & Cons

Pros of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science:

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Preparation for Further Studies
  • Research Opportunities
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Career Diversity

Cons of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science:

  • Competitive Job Market
  • Policy Changes
  • Evolution of Job Roles