Campus Life at Ganpat University (GUNI), Mehsana, Gujarat: Sports Area, Hostel Facility, Transportation, Cafeteria, Shopping Center, Open Air Theatre & more

  •  Content Creator : Gurleen
  • 13-02-2024

Are you planning to take admission to Ganpat University(GUNI), Mehsana? Do you want to know about the campus life at this university? This high-tech educational campus boasts a variety of facilities and attracts a multitude of students from different regions. Apart from its educational approach, the university offers a good campus life to the students that makes their college life more interesting providing them with a lot of opportunities to expand their intellectual horizons, engage in sports and foster personal growth. In this blog content, you will explore the campus life at the most renowned university including its sports area, hostel facility, transportation, cafeteria, shopping centre, open-air theatre and more! So, let’s begin and discover why the campus life of this university helps the students to reach new heights.

Sharing a Glimpse of the Campus Life at the Ganpat University 

Ganpat University is a high-tech private campus located in a serene setting that provides an ideal environment for students to excel in academic and extracurricular pursuits. The university offers a vibrant campus life that is rich with modern amenities as well as lots of opportunities for personal growth.  From engaging sports areas, hostel facilities, and ventilated classrooms to transportation, a cafeteria, open-air theatre, the university has so much to offer to all the students for their personal and professional development. 

Here are the facilities that make campus life at the university more interesting:

  1. Sports: 

To engage students and develop an all-round personality, the university emphasises much on sports just like academics. It encourages students to attain excellence in sports and provides all the necessary facilities as well as equipment to the students for maintaining physical fitness and good health. The sports staff schedule the sports and fitness classes throughout the academic session. The university has separate coaches for all the games and all the equipment belongs to International standards. 

These are the amenities offered by the university as follows: 

  • Olympic Size Swimming Pool
  • 400-metre all-weather athletics track
  • Basketball Courts
  • Cricket Ground
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Football Grounds
  • Kabaddi Courts
  • Hockey Field
  • Kho-Kho Court
  • Handball Field
  • Table tennis facility
  • Tennis Court
  • Health & Fitness Center
  • Yoga Centre
  1. Hostel Facility: 

The campus has established well-organised hostel blocks for boys and girls separately. It has a capacity of a total number of 3000 students and each hostel consists of a separate mess, administrative office as well as warden quarters. Moreover, the hostel buildings are equipped with other facilities such as free high-speed Wi-Fi connection, a gymnasium, a medical centre and other amenities for shopping, sports, recreation and entertainment. 

The hostel building also provides other facilities such as:

  • Shopping Complex
  • Sports Ground 
  • Laundry Service 
  • Stationery Store and Groceries 

For proper maintenance and risk prevention, the university has made the following arrangements such as:  

  • Security checks are performed at the main gate of each hostel.
  • Each hostel building has its own individual security guard.
  • Girl’s hostels are overseen by a Lady Warden for additional security and support.
  1. Transportation:

The university provides transportation services for students residing in various locations. It boasts a fleet of 49 luxury buses that are regularly accessible to both students and staff commuting from nearby cities such as Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Himmatnagar, Vijapur, Unjha, Siddhpur, Visnagar, Palanpur, Patan and so forth. Additionally, the state transport buses are available at regular intervals. 

  1. Cafeteria: 

The campus has a well-established cafeteria for the students and it offers a wide variety of cuisines including Gujarati Thali, Punjabi, South Indian and other forms of fast food. Also, the food provided by the cafeteria is hygienist and it also helps the individuals of the university to fulfil their need for food of their own choice.

  1. Post office: 

This high-tech educational campus has also the facility of a post office for the use of the Students/Staff members of the University. The post office offers standard services such as Money Orders, Speed Post, Registered Post, Money Transfer, Postal Order, Insurance, Savings Accounts and more. Students can conveniently send and receive necessary documents through this facility.

  1. Bank/ATM:

To meet the financial needs of the students, staff members and the institute, the university has set up of the banks namely the State Bank of India(SBI) and the Mehsana Urban Co-operative Bank. 

The banking facilities offered by the university include:

  • 24-hour ATM
  • Online banking access
  • Personal loans
  • Insurance
  • Saving Account
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Vehicle Loan
  • Education Loan
  • Mobile Banking
  1. Nursery:

The campus nursery, often hailed as the birthplace of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, began its journey in 2002 under the management of the Mehsana District Education Foundation. Initially, its main objectives were to produce seedlings for local farmers and support afforestation efforts. 

With the establishment of the KVK in 2005, the nursery came under its administration. Now expanded to cover half a hectare, the nursery boasts a capacity of 75,000 seedlings and features modern amenities like a pakka agronet shed, sprinkler system and fogger. Moreover, it includes a germination chamber and vermicompost unit for educational purposes.

  1. Shopping Center:

A fully equipped shopping centre, conveniently located near the staff quarters and hostels on campus caters to the regular needs of both staff members and students. The centre provides a variety of essentials including milk, bread, groceries, stationery items, hair-cutting services, a range of food items, ironing facilities and cold drinks. 

Moreover, the shops within the centre are operated by licensed vendors from nearby areas who adhere to proper regulations. The operating hours extend until approximately 9:00 PM to accommodate the needs of campus residents.

  1. Wi-Fi Connectivity:

The campus’s local network is linked through fibre optic cables, providing secure Wi-Fi access for students and staff members to utilise wireless internet for both personal and academic purposes.

  1. Open Air Theater:

The university has the facility of an open-air theatre that is meant for organising cultural programs, annual functions, youth festivals, convocation and other programs. This place is accessible by the students and staff members and it can accommodate around 10000 individuals comfortably at a time. This facility of an open-air theatre is widely utilised by the University and Constituent Institutes to meet their general requirements for conducting functions. 

Wrapping Up… 

Ganpat University (GUNI), Mehsana, offers a dynamic and enriching campus life that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and vibrant community engagement. With state-of-the-art facilities, diverse extracurricular activities and a supportive environment, students at GUNI have the opportunity to excel in their academic pursuits while exploring their interests and talents beyond the classroom. From modern amenities to a vibrant social scene, GUNI provides a nurturing environment where students can thrive and create lasting memories. With its commitment to holistic education and student well-being, it truly embodies the spirit of learning, innovation and community.