CU Organised Global Education Summit 2023 Under The Theme ‘India: Voice of Global South’

  •  Content Writer : Ashmeet Bhalla
  • 16-10-2023

The Global Education Summit 2023 with the theme ‘India: Voice of Global South’, hosted at Chandigarh University in Gharuan, spanned two days and saw participation from Vice-Chancellors of more than 50 leading universities hailing from 27 different countries. The summit aimed to foster and enhance international academic partnerships in higher education, focusing on the development of inventive teaching approaches and ensuring the global sustainability of academic frameworks.

During the Global Education Summit 2023 at Chandigarh University in Gharuan, experts extensively deliberated on the opportunities arising from university partnerships. 

The conference commenced by emphasising the concept of blended learning, a dynamic educational approach that combines in-person instruction with online resources. This approach is gaining traction due to the escalating costs associated with traditional education, exacerbated by the surge in student numbers.

The New Education Policy by Honourable PM Narendra Modi

Chandigarh University's Global Education Summit 2023 played a pivotal role in this ideal shift by hosting a summit dedicated to advancing the vision laid out in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s progressive new education policy. This policy underscores the imperative of internationalising education, urging Indian institutions to establish robust partnerships with esteemed global counterparts. Notably, during the summit, Chandigarh University formalised agreements with Iloilo Science & Technology University in the Philippines and Bugema University in Uganda, marking a significant step towards global academic collaboration.

Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, the Founder and Chairman of Daffodil International University in Bangladesh, praised the ideas of India, PM Narendra Modi, and the G20. He emphasised the importance of creating a platform that benefits society.

The summit explores key topics like using innovation to improve quality of life, creating sustainable blended learning after COVID-19, aligning education with student aspirations through partnerships, defining universal employability skills, and prioritising research-based learning in academia.

“These meetings are great because they allow us to both learn from other attendees and also consider the possibility of forming partnerships with universities”, added Dr. Nakayama Tomokazu, a Professor from Japan.

Furthermore, Chandigarh University's Global Education Summit 2023 addressed the potential crisis outlined in a report by the New World Economic Forum. This report predicts that while Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Robotics may displace around 75 million jobs, the integration of technological advancements into education is assured to generate approximately 133 million new employment opportunities by the year 2023.

Professor Sibrandes Poppema, the President of Sunway University in Malaysia, said that PM Modi's leadership during India's successful G-20 presidency shows that Asians can take charge in a world where Western influence is decreasing. 

Covid-19 pandemic, despite its myriad challenges, created a positive transformation within the nation of higher education. Universities from every corner of the globe rallied together, using the power of technology to address the multifaceted issues confronting the world. This underscores the critical importance of continuous innovation, whereby outdated methodologies are supplanted with forward-looking approaches that are better equipped to navigate the evolving educational landscape