CPJIMT Delhi/NCR Placements 2024 - Highest & Average Package | Top Recruiters

  •  Content Writer : Ashmeet Kaur
  • 24-02-2024

As the academic year progresses, excitement brews at CPJ Institute of Management & Technology (CPJIMT) in Delhi/NCR, with students eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated placements for the class of 2024. While the official figures for the 2024 placements are yet to be unveiled, recent placement information underscores the institution's continued commitment to providing stellar career opportunities for its students. With a track record of impressive placements in leading companies across diverse sectors, CPJIMT stands poised to set new milestones in shaping the professional trajectories of its graduates in 2024.

As the campus buzzes with anticipation, the institute remains dedicated to nurturing talent and preparing students for success in the dynamic and competitive job market. Stay tuned for the official announcement as CPJIMT Placements 2024.

About Placement Program

CPJ Institute of Management & Technology operates the CPJ Genesis Cell, a pivotal entity dedicated to facilitating optimal placement opportunities for students. The Genesis Cell strategically targets final-year students on the verge of graduation, orchestrating campus recruitment drives that bring diverse companies to the forefront.

The culmination of these efforts results in the seamless execution of final placements at CPJ Institute, made possible through a meticulously structured process. This process encompasses methodical interactions with industries, coupled with continuous career counseling sessions for students. Right from the commencement of their academic journey, students are immersed in a supportive environment that provides ongoing guidance regarding their career aspirations and the array of options available to them. The institute's proactive approach extends to engaging with potential companies, urging their active participation in the comprehensive placement program.

The CPJ Genesis Cell operates through four specialized wings, each serving a distinct purpose:

CETPAC (Corporate Exposure, Training & Placement Activities Cell)

CEFT (Cell Monitoring Educational & Fun Trips)

CECPRO (Cell For Certification Programs)

CEPDEV (Cell For Personality Development)

  • CETPAC (Corporate Exposure, Training & Placement Activities Cell): 

The Career Development Cell, known as CETPAC is committed to empowering students in shaping and steering their professional trajectories. This dedicated cell is focused on instilling the essential elements necessary for students to evolve into well-rounded professionals.

  • CEFT (Cell Monitoring Educational & Fun Trips)

CPJ Institute places great importance on both national and international excursions, educational trips, and industrial visits. CEFT takes charge of planning and executing outbound trips that seamlessly blend leisure and learning, extending beyond Indian borders. These initiatives not only strengthen the sense of unity within the CPJ community but also offer collaborative platforms for academic, technical, and professional advancements, fostering experiential learning for both students and faculty members.

  • CECPRO (Cell For Certification Programs)

CPJ College is dedicated to equipping students with not just education but also essential technical and professional skills. CECPRO spearheads certification programs in collaboration with prestigious institutes globally, offering students valuable skills and credentials for an enriched career trajectory. Moreover, CECPRO facilitates on-campus foreign language courses in French and German, providing students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with international languages.

  • CEPDEV (Cell For Personality Development)

CEPDEV is dedicated to refining the oral, verbal, and vocal aptitude of CPJ students. By engaging in comprehensive training sessions, lectures, and workshops, students actively participate in personality development programs that fortify crucial skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, negotiation, and technical writing. These initiatives not only enhance communication and analytical abilities but also prepare students for success in both personal and professional spheres.

Highest Package

Placements in CPJIMT announced its highest placement package, reaching an impressive 9.50 Lakhs Per Annum (LPA). This remarkable achievement underscores the institute's commitment to providing its students with not just academic excellence but also lucrative opportunities in the professional realm. The significant package is a testament to the quality of education, industry-oriented curriculum, and the overall preparedness of CPJIMT graduates for the competitive job market. It reflects the institute's dedication to fostering a conducive environment that nurtures and propels students towards successful and rewarding careers.

Average Package

CPJ Institute of Management & Technology in Delhi/NCR has announced an average placement package of 4.50 Lakhs Per Annum (LPA), reflecting the institution's commitment to providing its students with competitive and rewarding career opportunities. This noteworthy average package is a testament to the institute's emphasis on holistic development, industry-aligned curriculum, and fostering a conducive learning environment. CPJIMT's dedication to producing well-rounded professionals is evidently reflected in the competitive average package, which positions its graduates favorably in the job market.



Highest Package

9.50 LPA

Average Package

4.50 LPA

Top Recruiters

CPJ Institute of Management & Technology in Delhi/NCR stands out for its robust placement record, with an impressive array of top recruiters consistently seeking talent from its student pool. Renowned corporate entities across diverse sectors actively participate in the institute's placement programs, recognizing the institution's commitment to producing industry-ready professionals. The top recruiters at CPJIMT encompass leading names in management, information technology, law firms, and other key industries. These organizations not only value the academic excellence fostered at CPJIMT but also appreciate the holistic development of students, making them well-equipped for the dynamic demands of the professional world.




Miller Law Group

Tech Mahindra



HK Law Offices

Aditya Birla Capital

Indian Road Safety Campaign

Lex Indis Law Offices

NB Lawyers

As the academic year concludes at CPJ Institute of Management & Technology (CPJIMT), the air is thick with anticipation for the official unveiling of the CPJ Placements 2024 figures. While the precise statistics for this year's placements are yet to be announced, recent information provides an insightful glimpse into the promising trajectory awaiting the graduating class.

With the highest package reaching an impressive 9.50 Lakhs Per Annum (LPA) and an average package standing at a competitive 4.50 Lakhs Per Annum (LPA), CPJIMT continues to assert its commitment to providing stellar career opportunities for its students. These figures, though not the final announcement for 2024, exemplify the institute's dedication to academic excellence and its prowess in attracting top-tier recruiters.