ITS Engineering College Placements: Total Offers Made, Highest Salary Packages & Top Recruiters Revealed!

  •  Content Writer : Gurleen Kaur
  • 04-04-2024

ITS Engineering College has continued its tradition of excellence in placements, showcasing a remarkable success story. With a dedicated placement cell and a strong network of industry connections, the college has achieved outstanding results.

The statistics for ITS engineering college placements are impressive, with a high percentage of students securing lucrative job offers. The college’s focus on holistic development, industry-relevant training and career guidance has significantly contributed to this success.

The college’s robust placement cell and strong industry connections have played a pivotal role in this remarkable achievement, reaffirming its position as a preferred choice for engineering education and career advancement. 

This news content highlights the total offers made, highest salary packages and top recruiters, providing a comprehensive insight into placement records of the renowned institute! 

Overview of  ITS Engineering College & its Reputation in Placements 

ITS Engineering College, situated in Greater Noida, is distinguished for its engineering programs. Established in 2006 under the leadership of Chairman Dr. RP Chadha, the college holds NBA accreditation.

The college offers a wide range of B.Tech programs, including Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), CSE with specialisations in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electronics Engineering with specialisation in VLSI Design and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering. 

Known for its outstanding placement record, ITS Engineering College sees 80% of its students placed in top companies annually. Notably, the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department achieves a remarkable placement rate of 90%, reflecting the high demand for IT talent from the college.

A notable aspect of the college’s placements is the substantial number of students receiving multiple job offers. Over one-third of students have the opportunity to choose from multiple offers, with some even receiving 4-5 offers. 

This underscores the confidence top recruiters have in the college’s graduates and reinforces its reputation for producing highly employable professionals.

Placement Statistics of Total Offers Made Till March 2023 

ITS Engineering College in the Delhi NCR region has established itself as a leading institution for placements, consistently attracting a diverse range of companies for recruitment. The college’s reputation for producing skilled and employable graduates has resulted in a steady increase in placement offers over the years:

  • In 2016, the college received 166 placement offers, reflecting the trust of companies in its students’ capabilities.
  • The following year, in 2017, this number increased to 189, indicating a growing demand for ITS Engineering College graduates.
  • By 2018, the college saw a significant surge in placement offers, reaching 343, showcasing the quality of education and training provided.
  • This upward trajectory continued in 2019, with 363 placement offers, further solidifying the college’s position as a preferred choice for recruiters.
  • Despite external challenges in 2020, ITS Engineering College maintained its impressive placement record with 235 offers.
  • The trend of increased placement opportunities persisted in 2021, with 383 offers, highlighting the college’s adaptability and resilience.
  • In 2022, the college achieved a remarkable milestone of 386 placement offers, indicating sustained growth and industry relevance.
  • As of March 2023, the college has already received 142 placement offers, showcasing early signs of another successful year in placements.

This detailed breakdown of the placements in ITS engineering college illustrates the consistent growth and success of the campus in providing lucrative placement opportunities for its students, making it a preferred destination for aspiring engineers and management professionals.

Highest Salary Packages: 

ITS Engineering College has established itself as a hub for talented engineers, attracting attention from top companies across various industries. One of the key factors that makes ITS graduates highly sought after is the competitive salary packages offered by leading companies. 


Highest Salary Package Offered 

Goldman Sachs

15 LPA


42 LPA


10.8 LPA


8.0 LPA


24 LPA




9.3 LPA 


10 LPA 


28 LPA

The impressive salary packages offered by leading companies to ITS Engineering College graduates underscore the value of their education, skills, and expertise. These opportunities not only reflect the demand for top talent in the industry but also highlight the rewarding career paths available to ITS graduates across diverse sectors.

Top Recruiters of ITS Engineering College 

Here’s a detailed list of the top recruiters for each department at ITS Engineering College:

  1. Civil Engineering: 

The Civil Engineering department at ITS Engineering College is highly regarded for its quality education, providing students with a robust foundation in structural engineering, construction management, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, and more. Through hands-on training in practical sessions, workshops, and industry visits, students gain valuable insights into real-world applications. 

This comprehensive education has led to students receiving diverse job offers from top recruiters such as Goldman Sachs, Daffodil, TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Unthinkable, Wipro, Sirion Labs, Cognizant, Intellipaat, Newgen, Youngman, Regalo, Eleation, and many others who actively seek graduates from this department.

  1. Computer Science and Engineering: 

The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department at ITS Engineering College is renowned for its rigorous curriculum, focusing on imparting advanced knowledge and technical skills. The program encompasses a wide range of subjects such as programming languages, data structures and algorithms, software engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and more. 

Graduates from this department are highly sought after by top companies including Virtusa, VVDN, Amdocs, ZenSar, Planet Spark, CDK Global, Gemini, Nucleus Software, Adobe, Capgemini, Amadeus, Epay, and GSPann. 

They are offered diverse job roles in software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital marketing, and other fields, reflecting the department’s comprehensive and industry-relevant education.

  1. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering department at ITS Engineering College attracts attention from a diverse range of top recruiters seeking skilled graduates. Companies like Goldman Sachs, Xebia, Mphasis, GlobalLogic, Prolifics, Hexaware, Byju’s, Wipro, CSS CORP, HCL, Amazon, OLA Electric, Harman, APL APOLLO, and FANUC actively seek talent from this department. 

These recruiters offer exciting career opportunities in areas such as technology consulting, software development, electrical engineering, electronics manufacturing, automation, and more. Graduates from this department are equipped with the technical knowledge and practical skills demanded by leading companies, making them valuable assets in the ever-evolving field of electrical and electronics engineering.

  1. Electronics and Communication Engineering 

The Electronics and Communication Engineering department at ITS Engineering College garners attention from top recruiters who seek skilled graduates for various roles. Companies like Daffodil, Genus, TCS, Sirion Labs, JK Tech, Prolifics, Cvent, Artech, Motherson, East India Technologies, FANUC, Newgen, and others actively engage with this department, offering opportunities in telecommunications, networking, embedded systems, electronics manufacturing, and more.

  1. Mechanical Engineering 

This department attracts interest from prominent recruiters who value the technical expertise of graduates. Companies like Goldman Sachs, Daffodil, TCS, Sirion Labs, Capgemini, Artech, ClearPack, Wipro, JK TECH, Amazon, HP, Newgen, Intellipaat, and more actively seek talent from this department. Job roles in mechanical design, manufacturing, automotive engineering, supply chain management, and robotics are among the opportunities available to graduates, reflecting the department's comprehensive education and industry relevance.

The campus boasts a strong network of top recruiters spanning various industries such as technology, finance, education, automotive, and more. Companies like LinkedIn, Paytm, Infosys, VMWare, Coforge, Yamaha, Tech Mahindra, Puma, Byju’s, Spark Minda, Jio, Motherson, Planet Spark, and many others actively seek talent from ITS graduates. This diverse range of top recruiters reflects the comprehensive education, industry-relevant skills, and strong employability of ITS Engineering College graduates. The college continues to pave the way for successful career opportunities for its students, showcasing the value and recognition gained from top companies across different sectors. For more information related to ITS engineering college placements, follow Guide Me Career!