SRM University Sonepat (Haryana), Delhi NCR Rankings. Accreditations, Collaborations

  •  Content Writer : Prabhjot Kaur
  • 15-04-2024

SRM University, situated in Sonepat (Haryana) and Delhi NCR, has consistently garnered commendable accreditations and crucial approvals from prestigious bodies and government entities, solidifying its position as one of the top-rated universities in North India. Setting benchmarks for excellence in higher education, the university proudly holds the distinction of being the first in Haryana to establish an academic affiliation with the prestigious Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), further solidifying its reputation as a leading hub for academic innovation. With a diverse portfolio of over 70 programs, SRM University provides students with a plethora of opportunities to pursue their passions and interests across various disciplines. Let’s explore some of the prestigious awards, recognitions, and SRM University rankings.

SRM University at a Glance




SRM University consistently ranked as one of the top-rated universities in North India.


  • NAAC A+ Accreditation
  • UGC Recognition
  • Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Haryana Approval


  • Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
  • Indian Society for Technical Education
  • India Concrete Institute

The Institution of Engineers of India


  • Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
  • Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Innovation Cell
  • National Council For Hotel Management And Catering Technology (NCHMCT)


  • Xebia
  • TCS
  • Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited
  • IBM
  • FutureSkills


  • MIT, USA
  • UC Berkeley, USA
  • University of Warwick, UK
  • Amazon
  • Wipro
  • HCL


  • Best Private University in Haryana by Education World
  • Most Promising Institute in North India by ASSOCHAM

Government Approvals and UGC Recognition

SRM University Haryana stands tall with its programs approved by the Department of Higher Education, Government of Haryana. This endorsement solidifies the institution's commitment to delivering quality education by government standards. Furthermore, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has recognized SRM University Haryana, underscoring its adherence to UGC guidelines in crafting course curricula and developing infrastructure.

Academic Affiliations and Professional Memberships

The global recognition of SRM University Haryana is evident through its memberships in prestigious organizations like the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). Not only this, SRM University Haryana's academic affiliations with esteemed bodies like The Institution of Engineering and Technology underscore its commitment to academic excellence and professional development. Additionally, memberships in organizations such as the Indian Society for Technical Education, India Concrete Institute, and The Institution of Engineers of India provide students and faculty with opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and skill enhancement.

NAAC A+ Accreditation

A significant milestone in the journey of the university along with SRM University rankings is its accreditation with NAAC A+. This prestigious recognition reaffirms the institution's unwavering commitment to excellence in higher education, quality research, and holistic student development. The NAAC accreditation serves as a testament to the university's relentless pursuit of academic integrity and continuous improvement in all facets of its operations.

Awards and Recognitions

The accolades garnered by SRM University Sonepat, including the 'Best Private University in Haryana' award by Education World and the 'Most Promising Institute in North India' award by ASSOCHAM, underscore its commitment to excellence in education and research. These accolades serve as a testament to the university's unwavering dedication to fostering academic and holistic development among its students.

Industry Partnerships for Real-World Impact

In a rapidly evolving job market, SRM University Haryana understands the importance of equipping students with industry-relevant skills. Hence, 50+ strategic collaborations with corporate giants like Xebia, TCS, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IBM, FutureSkills, and NASSCOM have been forged. These partnerships offer students opportunities for internships, projects, and mentorship programs, bridging the gap between academia and industry and enhancing their employability upon graduation.

Championing Innovation and Research

Innovation lies at the core of SRM University Haryana's ethos, as evidenced by its recognition by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Innovation Cell. This acknowledgment highlights the university's dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among its students and faculty members. Through various initiatives and research endeavours, SRM University Haryana aims to address real-world challenges and contribute meaningfully to societal advancement.

Empowering Students with Academic Flexibility

Embracing the transformative vision of the National Education Policy 2020, SRM University Haryana has implemented the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) system. This digital platform empowers students with academic flexibility, allowing them to customize their educational paths, transfer credits seamlessly, and pursue interdisciplinary learning. The ABC system aligns with the university's mission to provide students with a dynamic and personalized learning experience tailored to their aspirations and career goals.

Global Collaborations

Along with SRM University Delhi NCR Rankings, the university’s commitment to global excellence is evidenced by its strategic partnerships and Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with renowned institutions worldwide. These partnerships with esteemed universities and institutions in countries such as Brazil, Russia, Taiwan, South Korea, Africa, France, Japan, Indonesia, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, among others, reflect the university's dedication to fostering cross-cultural exchange, research collaboration, and academic innovation on a global scale.

International Collaborations


Name of the University


University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


Irkutsk National Research Technical University, Russia


  • Providence University, Taiwan
  • Chang Gung University, Taiwan

South Korea

Kyungdong University


  • The Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), Ethiopia
  • Mashreq University, Sudan
  • University of Khartoum
  • Kafrelsheikh University


Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, France


Chiba University


  • Dr. Soetomo University, Indonesia
  • STT Atlas Nusantara Malang, Indonesia
  • Balitar Islamic University, Indonesia
  • Widya Kartika University, Indonesia
  • Universitas Wisnuwardhana Malang, Indonesia
  • Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Malang, Indonesia
  • STIKI Malang, Indonesia
  • Universitas PGRI Adi Buana, Indonesia
  • STKIP PGRI Lumajang, Indonesia
  • Universitas PGRI Madiun, Indonesia
  • University of Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum, Indonesia
  • STIE Wilwatikta Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pertanian Jember, Indonesia
  • Universitas Boroburdur of Indonesia
  • Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Bangkinang of Indonesia
  • Mandala College of Economics, Indonesia
  • Universitas Islam Syekh-Yusuf of Indonesia
  • University of Kanjuruhan Malang, Indonesia

United States

  • Alvernia University, Pennsylvania
  • Virginia Wesleyan University, Virginia, US
  • Point Park University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia State University, West Virginia, US
  • Wesleyan University, US
  • Rivier University, Nashua, New Hampshire
  • Loma Linda University


  • IUBH University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany
  • SRH University Heidelberg, Germany

United Kingdom

  • University of Oxford Future Cities Network, Oxford, UK
  • University of South Wales, UK
  • Coventry University, UK
  • LSHTM London University
  • University of Birmingham
  • Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany

Placements and Industry Connect

With a stellar track record of placements, SRM University Sonepat facilitates seamless transitions from academia to industry. Leading companies such as Amazon, Wipro, IBM, HCL, and TCS regularly recruit talent from the campus, offering students opportunities to kickstart their careers in esteemed organizations. The university's strong industry connection ensures that academic learning is complemented by real-world experiences, preparing students for the demands of the professional world.

Continual Pursuit of Excellence

SRM University Haryana's journey towards excellence in higher education is characterized by its unwavering commitment to innovation, research, industry collaboration, and academic integrity. As it continues to set new benchmarks and push the boundaries of knowledge and discovery, the university remains steadfast in its mission to nurture the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers.

In conclusion, SRM University Sonepat boasts excellence in higher education, driven by a passion for learning, a commitment to quality, and a vision for the future. The impressive SRM University rankings, accreditations, and approvals, pave the way for transformative educational experiences that empower students to thrive in a rapidly changing world