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In today's interconnected world, the pursuit of international opportunities, whether for career advancement, education, or personal growth, has become increasingly prevalent. Yet, the journey towards realizing these aspirations often involves complex immigration procedures, legal intricacies, and the need for expert guidance. This is where G Matrix, your trusted immigration consultant, steps in as your guiding light.

Amritsar, Punjab-based G Matrix stands at the forefront of immigration consultancy, offering individuals a well-crafted roadmap to explore, experience, and excel in a global landscape. With a rich history and a sterling reputation in the industry, G Matrix is a distinguished immigration and education organization committed to facilitating students in pursuing higher education in countries such as Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA, Singapore, and various European nations. 

Their specialized visa services cater to students aspiring to study abroad. Beyond student visas, G Matrix offers a diverse range of services encompassing tourist visas, visitor visas, work permits, spouse visas, sponsorship assistance, Schengen visas, and permanent residence solutions, notably for Canada.

G Matrix prides itself on its team of experienced consultants and assistants who are well-versed in the intricacies of visa processing. Their expertise ensures a seamless and stress-free application process for clients. Whether you've encountered visa rejections in the past or are embarking on your first visa application, G Matrix is dedicated to making your dreams of international education and settlement a reality.

For individuals aspiring to settle in Canada, G Matrix specializes in providing Permanent Residence solutions. The organization's primary mission is to facilitate individuals in realizing their dreams of studying or settling in their desired countries, making the journey towards international education a smooth and successful one.

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Choosing G Matrix means choosing a reliable partner that will work tirelessly to let you study, work, or settle abroad. With a client-centric approach, expertise, and a legacy of success, G Matrix is your trusted companion on your journey to new horizons. Here are a few benefits of choosing G Matrix for your immigration and education needs:

Expert Guidance: G Matrix boasts a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in immigration and education services. Their expertise ensures that clients receive accurate, up-to-date information and advice throughout the application process.

Personalized Solutions: Its team understands that each client's situation is unique. So, they provide tailored solutions that align with individual goals, preferences, and circumstances.

Transparency and Integrity: Honesty and transparency are at the core of G Matrix's values. Clients can trust in the organization's ethical approach, with clear explanations of processes and requirements at every step.

Timely Results: The company recognizes the time-sensitive nature of visa applications. Its team is dedicated to delivering results within stipulated timelines, allowing clients to make concrete plans for their future.

Comprehensive Services: G Matrix offers a full spectrum of services, from initial consultations and document assistance to legal expertise. This comprehensive approach simplifies complex visa applications and ensures all client needs are met.

Legacy of Success: G Matrix's track record speaks for itself. The organization has helped numerous individuals achieve their dreams of studying, working, or settling abroad. Clients benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated over the years.

Client-Centric Focus: G Matrix places clients at the center of its operations. The team is dedicated to addressing client concerns promptly, providing comprehensive information, and ensuring clients are well-informed at every stage of the visa application process.

Efficient Processing: With G Matrix, clients can expect streamlined and efficient visa processing. The organization takes care of the paperwork, reducing the burden on clients and minimizing processing times.

Wide Range of Services: G Matrix doesn't just focus on study visas; they offer a broad spectrum of services, including work permits, spouse visas, tourist/visitor visas, sponsorship, permanent residency, refusals and more, catering to various immigration and travel needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee: G Matrix's commitment to client satisfaction is sustained. Clients can trust that their needs and aspirations will be met with dedication, ensuring a smooth and successful immigration or education journey.

How to Get Started

  1. Get Consultation First: You can begin your journey with G Matrix by scheduling a consultation. Whether it's for study, visitor, tourist, or any other visa, the team is always there to guide you.
  2. Submit Documents: To kick start the process, you need to gather and submit all necessary documents, including qualifications, addresses, passport-size photos, and more.
  3. Processing: G Matrix's expert team handles all processing work efficiently, ensuring that your applications fulfill all conditions and requirements.
  4. Result: Finally, you get the visa for your chosen country. G Matrix's experts thoroughly analyze your documents and eligibility.

Choosing G Matrix means choosing a dedicated partner committed to realizing clients' dreams and aspirations. From initial consultations to achieving visa and immigration goals, G Matrix is a steadfast companion throughout your journey.


G Matrix's suite of services encompasses every facet of visa and immigration needs. They specialize in different types of visas, sponsorship applications, permanent residency, and refusal cases. Their seasoned team combines legal expertise with personalized guidance to ensure clients' international dreams become a reality. Checkout the assistance offered by the organization:

  • Visa Consultation

G Matrix offers expert visa consultation services for a wide range of purposes, including study visa, work visa, spouse visa, schengen visa, tourist/visitor visas, sponsorship applications, PR, etc. Their dedicated team guides clients through the intricate visa application process, ensuring that every aspect is handled with precision and efficiency.

  • Immigration Guidance

The immigration guidance of G Matrix Consultants is built on years of experience and deep industry knowledge. They assist clients in making informed decisions about their international aspirations, providing step-by-step support for international visas.

  • Career Counseling

Navigating international career opportunities can be challenging. So, G Matrix offers career counseling to help clients make the right choices for their future. Whether it's studying abroad, working overseas, or settling as a permanent resident, their expert counselors provide valuable insights and advice.

  • Legal Expertise

The legal intricacies of visa applications demand meticulous attention. And, G Matrix boasts a team of legal experts well-versed in international immigration laws and regulations. They ensure that every application complies with legal standards.

  • Document Assistance

Document preparation is a critical aspect of any visa application. The immigration consultants located at Ranjit Avenue take the burden off clients by offering comprehensive document assistance. From gathering necessary paperwork for the required application to verifying their accuracy, they simplify the process.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 80547-67676

Email ID: info@gmiec.com 

Mailing Address: National Tower, SCO 89, B-Block,DSC, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

Website: https://gmiec.com/  

Office Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM