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In the ever-evolving landscape of international education, having a trusted guide can make all the difference. At IAE Global, India (Amritsar Branch), Australia Registered MARA Agent and Immigration Law Expert Gagan Ghuman and Aman Ghuman are dedicated to transforming your dreams of studying in Australia into reality.

Gagan Ghuman - Your Trusted MARA Registered Agent

As a registered migration agent and having around 19 years of experience in the field, Gagan Ghuman is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of not only Australian immigration and visa regulations but of various other countries as well. With an office located in Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab, Gagan Ghuman serves as your local link to international opportunities.

Aman Ghuman-Senior Education Consultant

Aman Ghuman has more than 10 years of experience being the Director of two International education consultancies. Along with Gagan Ghuman, Aman Ghuman has helped more than 25000 students with the visa applications in countries like the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia.

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IAE Global, India

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Perth, Australia Office:


Lot 24 Rhythm 217 Hay Street Subiaco WA 6008.


Amritsar Office:


SCO 110, 1st Floor, Raj Tower, B - Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab-143001, India


Jalandhar Office:


1st Floor, SCO 43, Chotti Baradari Part 11, Garha Road, Jalandhar, Punjab 144001, India

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Deals in 

  • Study Visa
  • General Skilled Migration for Australia
  • Employer-sponsored work visas in Australia
  • Partner and other Family Visa

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Dealing Countries 

  • The USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • The UK
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Europe
  • France


Being a largest and successful consultancy in India, IAE Global, India and its expert team lead by Gagan Ghuman and Aman Ghuman is more than an education consultant; it is a partner dedicated to helping students unlock a world of opportunities through international education. From initial aspirations to successful outcomes, IAE Global is your trusted guide every step of the way.

  • Local Expertise, Global Perspective: With Aman Ghuman and Gagan Ghuman's local presence in the cities like Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Jalandhar, Delhi, and then in Perth, Australia and IAE Global's global reach, you enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • MARA Registration: Gagan Ghuman's MARA registration is your assurance of receiving accurate and up-to-date advice on Australian immigration.
  • Transparency and Integrity: Expect honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all our interactions.
  • Legacy of Success: Join the ranks of 25000+ successful students who have realized their foreign education dreams through IAE Global's guidance.

At IAE Global, their team understands that your future is a precious investment. So, let Gagan Ghuman and Aman Ghuman guide you towards a brighter tomorrow in world-renowned educational institutions.

How to Get Started with IAE Global:

Beginning your educational journey with IAE Global, led by registered MARA agent Gagan Ghuman, is a seamless process:

1. Reach Out: Contact IAE Global's expert team through phone or email and share your academic aspirations and study abroad interests.

2. Schedule a Meeting: Arrange a consultation with the team, including Gagan Ghuman himself. You can discuss your educational goals and career plans.

3. Comprehensive Assessment: IAE Global's professionals will assess your academic background and qualifications. And, will give insights into suitable universities, colleges, and courses.

4. Course Selection: Explore a wide range of study programs across the globe with Gagan Ghuman and Aman Ghuman.

5. Visa Guidance: Gagan Ghuman and his team will familiarize you with every step involved in whichever visa you want to apply for.

6. University/College Application: With IAE Global's assistance, apply to your preferred educational institution. Here, you will navigate the application process with expert help.

7. Documentation Support: Receive comprehensive assistance in preparing and verifying required documents.

8. Transition Planning: IAE Global helps secure admissions to institutions that match your aspirations.

9. Visa Application: The IAE Global team assists with your visa application process, making it hassle-free and smooth.

10. Pre-Departure Assistance: You can get guidance on preparing for your journey abroad and ensure a smooth transition to your study destination.

11. Support Throughout: The team is always there to help you overcome all the challenges you face abroad and let you enjoy personalized support at every step, from planning to departure.


IAE Global's Gagan Ghuman and Aman Ghuman extend beyond mere consultancy; they are a commitment to providing you with a comprehensive suite of services:

  • University Selection: Both of them assist you in selecting the right universities and courses that align with your academic and career aspirations in the countries of your preference.
  • Visa Guidance: With Gagan Ghuman's MARA registration, you gain access to expert visa support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free visa application process for 
    • Student Visas for Australia, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand and Singapore. 
    • General Skilled Migration for Australia including Skilled visas, Temporary Skill shortage TSS 482, and Employer Nomination Scheme Visa
    • Employer-sponsored work visas in Australia
    • Partner and other Family Visa
    • Visitor and Tourist Visa (including ETA Visitor Visa, Tourist Visa, Sponsored Family Visitor Visa, and e-Visitors Visa)
  • Test Preparation: They serve you with expert guidance and resources to prepare for in-house advance PTE Training at the Amritsar office. 
  • Application Assistance: Receive guidance and support throughout the university application process, ensuring accurate and timely submissions.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation: Benefit from valuable insights and tips to ease your transition to Australia and other top countries.

Contact Details

Perth, Australia Office:

Mailing Address: Lot 24 Rhythm 217 Hay Street Subiaco WA 6008.

PH: +61473927448,+6152031313

Email: info@giec.com.au 

Amritsar Office:

Mailing Address: SCO 110, 1st Floor, Raj Tower, B - Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab-143001, India

Phone Number: +91 183 250 0725,+91 93485-93485